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Timber Surveys (Infestation, Dry and Wet Rot)


Cheshire Property Timber Surveyors have all been trained by the Property Care Association (PCA) and have many years of experience working within the residential surveying industry. They can identify the type, condition, location and extent of the timber infestation, dry or wet rot damage present within a property. All this information is required when carrying out a timber inspection and compiling the survey report.

The timber survey we offer clients which is generally due to the lender
carrying out a valuation survey and highlighting a potential problem. This could include timber infestation, dry or wet rot damage, it might also be the result of the valuation surveyor noticing certain structural defects.

The timber survey is a non-intrusive survey to the fabric of the
property. To begin, a visual inspection is carried out to the suspect areas of the
property and photographs are taken. A survey report is then completed including
a floor plan for location and identification purposes. This report is then emailed in a pdf format to the client after which recommendations and results can then be discussed if required.

All of our timber surveys are delivered to our clients four days after the initial inspection has been carried out.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

If you are worried about wood boring insects? Please call us on 01925 387 550

If you're worried about woodworm book a survey today. Woodworm lay their eggs directly onto timber. Once the eggs hatch the larvae immediately start to bore and gorge themselves on the wood. Very quickly, this weakens the timber and before you know it you have a full-on infestation, which needs immediate action to protect the integrity of your building structure. A timber infestation survey will highlight the true extent of the infestation. Once this is known, a practical solution can be found to restore the property's integrity.  

Fungal decay surveys

Damp conditions are the perfect environment for fungal attacks. As moisture builds, this can result in either dry or wet rot depending on the levels of water in your building materials. Signs of fungus spreading through timber and other materials are a clear indication there's an issue with wet or dry rot. If the timber has become dry, brittle and is easy to crumble by hand, there's a good chance dry rot is present.

Understanding the type of infestation that is present inside your property is critical if you want to address this and restore your property back to health. In general, timber infestations with a moisture content between 20 - 30% are classed as dry rot, and those with 30 - 50% are classified as having wet rot.   

Dry and wet rot surveys in Cheshire

Specialist timber surveys establish the type of infestation your property is suffering from and will also reveal the true extent of the rot. Once the survey is complete, you will know the degree of damage caused, and can then establish a course of action for repairing or replacing the timber. 

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