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Fire Risk Assessments


Fire Risk Assessments

The regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) provides a framework for regulating fire safety to all non-domestic properties including workplaces and the communal areas of multi-occupied residential properties in both England and Wales.

The landlord or the designated responsible person is required under the FSO to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on commercial premises and if the organisation employs 5 or more people, they are required by law to have a documented written copy of the fire risk assessment as well as implement and maintain a fire management plan.

An example of the types of premises that require fire risk assessments are offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, care homes, nurseries, community centres and churches.

The fire risk assessment provides a detailed evaluation of the property's exposure to risk which includes assessing the risk to life, a full audit of the hazards, safety risk ratings where remedial action/works may be required and the preparation of a fire safety plan to achieve fire safety compliance.

Compartmentation Surveys

A fire compartmentation survey is designed to assess the fabric of a property in each area of the building. 

Compartmentation within a building is designed to assist in preventing the rapid spread of smoke and fire.

Compartmentation surveys cover a visual inspection of all areas of a building where a fire could spread for example ceilings, walls and floors and associated junctions between them, ceiling voids, roof voids and ducts.

The fire-resistant materials used in the construction of the building are assessed to ensure they meet the correct fire safety standards and verification provided that partition walls are fire rated and provide adequate fire breaks.

The written report details the improvement works which also includes non-structural and structural works.

Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors in commercial properties require checking every 6 months to ensure they meet the relevant requirements of the FSO.

Fire door inspections cover the following elements of a fire door, door leaf, door frame, door closures (self-closing devices),hinges, intumescent strips and cold smoke seals, glazing (vision panels),locks & levers & handles, fire safety signage, hold open devices, gaps around the door and threshold gaps, panic hardware devices for the external fire door exits.


Our Fire Risk Assessments, Compartmentation Surveys and Fire Door Inspections assist our clients in making their property compliant with the regulations documented in the Building Regulations 2019 Approved Document B, Regulatory Reform Order Act 2005 and BS 7671:2018 – IET Wiring Regulations.

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