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Asbestos Sampling and Management Surveys


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Cheshire Property Asbestos Surveyors have all been trained by the British Occupation and Hygiene Society (BOHS) and have held their P402 certification for many years. As extremely experienced asbestos surveyors, our professional and proficient property surveyors are highly skilled in surveying both residential and commercial properties and have extensive experience in the asbestos surveying industry. They can identify the type, condition, location and extent of any asbestos-containing materials (ACM’s) that are present within a property. All of this critical information is required when carrying out an asbestos inspection and is essential for the completion of survey reports.

We offer asbestos sampling services where the asbestos surveyor will
visit your property and sample a material that has been referred to in a 
valuation/homebuyers/building survey. This assists the purchaser/lender by establishing  if the material does or does not contain asbestos. It also helps
then make an informed decision regarding purchasing or lending on the property.

The main asbestos survey we offer to clients is the management asbestos
survey. This is generally as a result of the lender carrying out a valuation
survey and highlighting a potential risk of asbestos-containing materials
(ACM’s). Typically, this is either because of the age of the property or as a result of the valuation surveyor noticing certain types of suspect materials within the property, for
example, Artex (Textured Coatings),floor tiles, water tanks, flues,
undercloaking, soffits and corrugated cement roof panels etc.

The management asbestos survey is a non-intrusive survey and the fabric of
the property is not damaged during the process, only samples are taken of any suspect materials located within the property. These are then sent to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory where a result's certificate is sent to us stating whether
the materials do or do not contain asbestos fibres. The survey report is then
finalised complete with a floor plan for location and identification purposes, it is
emailed in a pdf format to our client where the recommendations and results can
then be discussed if required.

All surveys are delivered to our clients four days after the initial
inspection has been carried out.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

The HSE gives 3 essential steps in the responsible management of asbestos risk.

  1. Find out whether the premises contain asbestos, and, if so, where it is and what condition it is in. When in doubt, materials must be presumed to contain asbestos
  2. Assess the risk
  3. Make a plan to manage that risk and act on it.

Our expert asbestos surveyors are highly experienced at completing residential asbestos surveys, and can also offer the same quality solutions for commercial clients.

Fully managed asbestos surveys

A fundamental part of any asbestos management regime is to have a survey that provides the following: 

Proof that you have taken reasonable steps to establish whether there are materials containing asbestos present in your premises. 
Where such material is found to be present, the survey should enable you to understand what quantity of material is present, the location of the asbestos and what condition it is in.
Assess the risk of anyone being exposed to fibres from the materials identified
We can assist in helping you to ensure that demonstrable steps are then taken to put these plans into action in order to protect everyone who comes into contact with your site. It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide information to anyone who may disturb or work on the materials, informing them of the materials location and condition.
Residential asbestos surveys

Our residential asbestos surveys cover communal or common areas of some residential premises that are also classed as ‘non-residential premises’ and so require site surveys. This is chiefly purpose-built flats and houses converted into flats. The particular areas of the buildings which are classed as ‘non-residential’ and as such result in a duty to manage asbestos risk being required: these include corridors, foyers, lift-shafts, lifts, staircases, roof spaces, gardens, yards, outhouses and garages – although the duty of care would not extend to the flat itself. 

We also carry out detailed asbestos surveys in any area of your home.  If you have a garage roof containing asbestos, or believe pipes, tiles or water tanks might contain such materials, we can help.

Our asbestos surveyors can work on private and public sector buildings across Cheshire and the North West of England. Contact us via email on info@cpsurveys.com or call us on on 01925 387 550 for more details or to arrange a survey.